It’s been a while since I did the whole “Writing a Blog” thing. I used to do updates about the mundaneness of working as the Drive Thru Guy in a fast food restaurant and often found myself ranting a lot about how much I hate chavs. However, there have been many changes to my life recently. First and foremost, I’m free of McDonalds.

I quit.

I was overworked and constantly tired. I was irritable easily and never had the energy to go out and meet with my friends at the local pubs. My life started revolving around the place. It was my personal hell. Honestly, I think I would rather jump off a bridge than work in fast food or any other retail job ever again. If I was working retail, It’d be under my terms running my own store.

There’s something about retail that turns even the nicest of people into snarling beasts. When a person walks into a store, they instantly feel over-entitled to everything and will be prepared to talk down to people. I once had a woman say to me “It must be hard working at McDonalds. Is it because you’re not very bright?” I calmly informed her that I would no longer be serving her and that she should get out of the drive thru. When she started to complain, I merely closed the window and walked away. I was seething with anger.

When my manager approached me regarding the “Rudeness” I had apparently displayed, I was quick to remind her that I was well within my rights to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason. There was simply no need for the snarky comment and it bugged me for the rest of the evening. People who are rude to any service staff just because they consider them “Below” them are douchebags.

That’s all behind me now.

I’m now a Pest Control Officer (PCO) involved in the controlling of animals with the potential to cause harm to the general public. In short, I kill shit for money. Shooting stuff in the face isn’t exactly my favourite thing to do, but it pays well and the behaviour of the creatures is very interesting. (Protip: Squirrels are vicious little sods.)

Anyway, I’m experimenting with Tasker for Android in an attempt to create my own version of J.A.R.V.I.S (Just A Really Very Intelligent System) and I plan to write a beginners guide to Tasker soon so you can automate your Android device.

Until next time…


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