The Siege of the Wasps

Hey People.

So work has been a complete bitch lately, with a lot of my uni assignments and exams coming up, I’m in a constant state of tiredness, sarcasm and depression. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Working the drive through is alright but over this summer we have been under siege by a local wasps nest.


As I am fucking sick of having these sons of bitches flying round my head and stinging my friends, I have decided to do battle with them. I couldn’t find the nest unfortunately although we have discovered that the glass cleaner we use at work stops them dead in their tracks and being deployed in a fine mist through the use of a spray bottle, is a very effective method for destroying them.

We now have a piece of paper in the drive thru window labeled “Wasp Kill Count”. At my last look before I left, It stood at 12 of the little bastards.  I hope to see more tallies on that sheet when I go back to work. I eventually want to find the nest and duke it out with those fuckers on their home turf.

Remember Kids:



Until next time…


One response to “The Siege of the Wasps

  1. Count stood at 13 before I left, turns out a mixture of glass cleaner and degreaser is particularly effective!! Kill them all!!

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