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If you speak with me, chances are you’ll know that I think iOS is a poor phone operating system and that Android beats it in almost everything hands down. The play store offers stuff that iOS users can only dream of. Even when jailbroken with Cydia, iOS is still horribly restrictive. There are some apps which I use every day and without them I feel lost. So here are some apps which I use on a daily basis.


Ultimate Rotation Control

Ultimate Rotation Control makes it easy to force certain apps to use a specific rotation mode. I always use my phone in Landscape and because a lot of apps available on the play store only support portrait, This app is very handy to force and lock rotation. In my opinion, It’s worth every penny.




Maps With Me Pro

I like to travel. Most of the time I am without an internet connection. Google Maps is excellent but for when you need detailed maps in a foreign country or even your own, MapsWithMe is the best app for that. Based on the work done over at OpenStreetMap, MapsWithMe offers detailed offline maps of the world. I used this extensively whilst travelling through Reykjavik.

Screenshot_2013-08-22-18-13-48 Screenshot_2013-08-22-18-14-38



I frequently get phone calls from retards. This application blocks them effectively and with no root required. Simple as.

Screenshot_2013-08-22-18-22-58 Screenshot_2013-08-22-18-22-24



Wifi Analyzer

I fix computers and networks in my spare time. One of my most common callouts is for the WiFi dropping out. This app allows you to see not only your own network but also the networks occupying the wireless channels around you. This makes it easier to weed out any interference and switch to another channel if need be.

Screenshot_2013-08-22-18-27-26 Screenshot_2013-08-22-18-28-13

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