This blog isn’t dead. I’m just lazy.



Hey People.

I’ve not written much lately. This is partly because I lose interest halfway through writing and after re-reading it think it’s a piece of junk not fit for the internet. Then I realise everything I write is a piece of junk not fit for the internet. It’s like I’ve lost a hell of a lot of motivation in my life and to be honest, I have no idea why. Obviously, a blog cannot exist without content, so I’ve decided to write down whatever pops into my head for next few minutes.

Shadow people (original description)My impress...


One thing that annoys me is how I’ve been having trouble sleeping recently. I’ve been getting to sleep at one or two in the morning only to wake up at four or five. This sucks as I cannot get back to sleep easily. Combine this with sleep paralysis and that makes it a lot scarier. Speaking of sleep paralysis, I ended up hallucinating that there was a shadow person towering above me watching me. This of course is pretty creepy on it’s own, however, remove any control of your body apart from the movement of your eyes and slight control of fingers and toes and it becomes terrifying. No matter how much I try and wrestle control back, I just can’t get it. Maybe if I wiggle my toes enough, I may get control back every now and then but generally, I am stuck with these things standing over me. A psychologist may say it’s because I feel trapped in life and it is reflecting in my sleep. I say I’m just insane.

Until next time…