To Cornwall!

Hey People…

So a while back I got the idea to head down to Cornwall, specifically to the Eden Project in order to see my favorite band, Sigur Ros perform as part of the Eden Sessions. After working an exhausting Friday overnight and being dragged through a Car Boot sale with one of my friends acting like somebody from the Antiques Roadshow, I set off for Cornwall on just two hours sleep.


I even made a map to show you!

Anyway, the drive down was mostly uneventful save me being on the Bodmin Moor as the fog rolled in heavily, leaving me doing a mere thirty MPH on the A30 in fear of what lurked through the fog. As I came off the moor, things got better. It all started when the road I needed to take was closed. This meant I needed to take a detour through a small area called Bumfuck Nowhere. I finally reched the YHA turn off. I was in for a surprise as the 1.2KM “Driveway” was a bunch of potholes stuck together with more potholes. Hilariously fun when you’ve had a four hour ride. I actually have a video of that drive when coming back from the Eden Sessions at 1AM.

YHA Golant is a lovely place. Whilst it looks dilapidated from the outside, the inside is surprisingly comfortable and modern. There is internet access for a small fee which I was seriously considering at one point as I had no mobile signal whatsoever. After checking in, I quickly set up my bed for an early night. I managed to get the bed next to a plug socket so I was actually able to charge my phone. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I can’t find a plug socket. Most of the stuff I carry charges from USB so I only need one socket and can charge everything else from my laptop.

Anyway, when I eventually failed to fall asleep, I whipped my phone out and took a good look at the entertainment that was available to me offline. I eventually opted to listed to my chillout playlist which includes artists such as Olafur Arnalds, Max Richter,  Goldmund and Johann Johannsson. Whilst listening I also checked which books I had downloaded. Paper Towns by John Green was there along with the complete works of Shakespeare (My god, this is sounding like Desert Island Discs now). I opted to read Paper Towns and eventually fell asleep in the heat…




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