Waiting to Build…

Hey People,

I write this as I sit with a load of awesome PC Components on my desk ready to be assembled into an awesome PC. In theory there is nothing stopping me from doing it now, but I have a university/Cisco project in for the 12th, so naturally I don’t want to risk moving any of my drives over as it would be catastrophic if one was to fail. I have backups both in the cloud and spread over my drives, but I still don’t want to risk being without a machine if something was to go wrong.

Another reason being that I am modifying my current machine and giving it to my dad to replace his aging (and frankly shit) iMac. I am gonna put the old PSU and GPU back in before adding an SSD. It’ll be a nice fast solution with multi-monitor support through the use of a Nvidia G210. Meanwhile, my XFX Radeon 6870 will be finding itself in it’s new home along with a FX-6300 processor, 8GB of Vengence RAM and a huge-ass cooler to keep everything nice and cold.

It’s chav night tonight, so no doubt I will be ranting and raving tomorrow. I know you people love me ranting about them as my page views increase tenfold (Chav Spies?). So yeah!

Until next time, people…


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