Chav Orchestra!

Hey People

Working Sunday nights at a fast food restaurant can be rather daunting. You have several different types of people to deal with including the Angry, the Young and the Mentally Retarded. Sometimes if you’re lucky you can end up with all three combined into a single person which believes his status as a special snowflake warrants him a free food item. This of course doesn’t happen and won’t happen.

An amazingly talented individual.

When taking over window at a busy night, it feels like I am parachuting into a war zone with no weapons or armor. This holds true on Sunday nights. Before taking over the window though, I had the job of closing the front doors. I have no idea why I offered. Perhaps nobody else wanted to, Which is understandable. Facing an army of angry young people with a grudge against your manager for previous incidents is scary. I held my nerve though and managed to win some of them over with various anecdotes about my time in fast food. The cavalry came in the form of Perry who convinced the remaining few to go back to heavy drinking and smoking.

After an hour or so trapped in the drive thru window and entertaining people as they waited, I heard the familiar sound of a bunch of car horns in the distance. This group of people would come through the drive thru and beep their horns to the sound of their Dubstep. Now most dubstep sounds crap anyway. Now add the blaring of old car horns to it and you get a varied mix known as ChavStep. I like to call this bunch of idiots “The Chav Orchestra”

I like to call this bunch of idiots “The Chav Orchestra”

Their simply amazing talented work went on for about twenty minutes. It made my ears bleed.

I need to recover my hearing now.

Until next time…


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