With Friends Like These…

Hey People.

It was very busy on the overnight last night. I damn near had a breakdown due to the sheer amount of ungrateful bastards that I am required to serve on a nightly basis. On the overnight, we have a lot of stuff to get done in order for the people who start in the morning to have a nice smooth shift. If we fail, they fail… and that sucks. The problem being that if the evening shift is busy, then they can’t prepare us for a smooth shift and the problem carries over again and again like a never ending train of failure.

The evening shift had been extremely busy. Everyone was visibly pissed off. There had apparently been some rude people in earlier. I walked in to see the drive-thru order screen jam-packed with large orders, My first thought was “Oh no, not this again!”. No worries though. The evening shift had been through a lot and in the end, the customer comes first so I never harbor any resentment against any of them if they cannot get us set up for a good shift.

I clocked on fifteen minutes early and immediately jumped onto the drive thru. As there was a queue around the building, I started my standard practice of taking orders. The people were fed up of waiting. When people wait for a while, they tend to get irritated, which is understandable. However, it’s when they start shouting stuff like “This is meant to be fast food!” whilst beeping their horns rapidly that annoys me. My usual retort to that is “Yeah, It’s called fast food, not instant food!” That normally shuts them up. Not sure when people will realise that all we want to do is get them fed and outta here. We don’t take pleasure in making you wait. While you’re waiting for food, we’re waiting to continue our stuff for the night. We’re all waiting on those little beeping timers and with an average of three people on most overnights, things are going to be slower during the night as opposed to the fast moving daytime shifts.

My buddy Sean is off to Africa to teach First Aid in remote villages around Kenya. He’s trying to raise a ton of cash. He was holding a pub quiz that I couldn’t attend due to being stuck on this overnight. Imagine my suprise when three carloads of the greatest friends ever turned up. Now this has never happened before. About eleven people went miles out of their way just to see me. They all came through with humor, pub quiz stories and Russian accents (Yes Danny, I am talking about you.). Now taking an order in a Russian accent isn’t something I do very often, but it’s one of the occasional perks…


Several carloads of awesome people.

It was nice to have people visit me at work. It lifted my spirits in what seemed to be a hopeless struggle against the drunk and mentally retarded.

The rest of the night was extremely busy and I was left a mindless zombie by about 0400, something I am not proud of. Sometimes the job gets to you. The buzzword we use for this is “Broken”. It isn’t uncommon for Nick, one of the morning starters to come and say “You broken man?”. I was broken last night. Nine and a half hours of hell.

There was a bit of good news at the end. We finally have more people who are willing to do overnights. That is good as it takes a lot of pressure off me and the few remaining overnighters. Also, I apparently won Employee of the Month for May. Still didn’t fix this broken person though. Only a good breakfast can do that.

I’d part with my usual “Until next time…”

English: Orthographic projection map of Kenya ...

English: Orthographic projection map of Kenya highlighted in green. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

HOWEVER, there is something that needs to be done. Earlier I mentioned my buddy Sean was going to Africa. All I ask is that you like the Facebook Page and maybe send a donation his way.



He’s managed to raise about £1100 so far. If you guys can help him reach the £1500 target, it would mean a hell of a lot to both me and him as well of the hundreds of lives that could be saved.

Until next time…


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