Pub Quiz!

Hey People.

With work’s scheduling skill level now on par with that of a retarded chimp, I have a single night off to enjoy. So I’ve done what most normal people do and go to the pub. Now I don’t do this very often but I had some free time and I had just made a bit of cash doing some technical support regarding Sky’s amazing decision to move from Gmail to Yahoo Mail (AKA, The stupidest decision ever.)

The particular pub we went to is called “The Beggars Bush”. Now this pub used to have a reputation for being rough and full of chavs. “But Sharpy!” I hear you cry, “You hate Chavs! I thought you wanted to kill them by flinging them into a gravity induced death with the Chav-O-Pult!”

While that still stands true, My friend Jack works at the Pub and the whole place has had a refurb which has scared away the majority of the chavs as they are allergic to light places (Apart from Jobcentre Plus). Jack informed me that there was a Pub Quiz that night. So I found the rest of my friends watching the football. After a bit of light conversation in which I explained I was enslaved by a certain clown, We entered the Pub Quiz.

We came joint first with two other teams. It was decided that there would be a tie-breaker. They chose me to go up on behalf of our team. I failed catastrophically as the question was “What is the birth year of this actress”. I hadn’t even heard of her. So I gave a stab in the dark as 1981. Turns out she was born in 1946. Anyway, we came third.

So here is our team. Meet the members of “Quiz in your face!”



Oh, the wine we won tasted like crap, Thanks for suggesting it, Jack!

Until next time…


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