Pizza Delivery Deathmatch!

Hey People.

When you work the overnights in Fast Food, you tend to go a little insane. A good friend of mine named Tom was on the overnight with me. Now Tom is training to be a manager and is hoping to be a full time manager by Christmas.

Now our restaurant closes on Christmas Day but a select few stay behind until the early hours of the morning in order to clean the whole place from top to bottom and prepare certain foodstuffs for the next day, a process known as closing. The Christmas Eve close is notoriously busy and many have been there until four or even five in the morning.

Tom has asked me to do the Christmas Eve Close if he gets to run it. We then have an plan. After all is done, we will order Pizza from two rival companies and make the delivery guys fight to the death for a tip. Of course there won’t be a pizza place open at that time of night so it won’t happen. It’ll more likely involve us going home and drinking ourselves into a coma once we’re done.

Other stupid ideas that have stemmed from the overnights include a movie about one of our managers with Rob Schneider starring as the title character, Craig, and the Chav-O-Pult, a catapult built into the drive thru which sends unruly individuals and their vehicles on a fun ride through the skies before landed in a rented out field with a giant target ploughed into it.

In short, working nights in fast food makes you insane.

Until next time…


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