Invasion of the Chavs

Hey People.

Working at McDonalds can be a little bit crap. Not only is the pay low and the hours unsociable, it is also the primary habitat of the Common House Chav (Chavus Chavus) which has an unfortunately trait as a species to be as rude as possible whilst leaving vast amounts of litter (Also known as Chav Trails) across a wide area of land.

Anyway, there is a huge “Boy Racer” culture at my workplace. Don’t get me wrong, most of them just want to show off their cars to their friends after a hard weeks work. A simple hobby no different to me and my friends meeting up. I have no problem with that. The problem lies in the fact that a small minority of them think they own the place (They don’t… It’s private land.) and proceed to take a metaphorical dump all over us.

It was a busy overnight…


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