Hey people.

I first came across MapCrunch on 4chan’s /b/ a few months back. It drops you into a random Google street view and leaves you to explore.

The cool feature about this is that it has several options, the most interesting bit of which is the “Stealth” option.


Now this hides the details of where you are. When you check that stealth option and press “Go”, you could find yourself anywhere, from the endless dirt back roads of Russia to the crowded streets of a Croatian City.


Now the creative folks over at 4chan have come up with a time waster that is referred to as “The Airport Game”. Dropped into a Random street view, you have to make your way to an Airport. Sounds simple enough but when in a country with an unfamiliar language and geography, is surprisingly challenging.


If you have a couple of hours to kill, I recommend checking it out. I have found roads in Lithuania that look like the makings of a good road trip and an old woman selling stuff on the side of a highway a few kilometres outside Odessa in southern Ukraine. This highway just abruptly ends onto a dirt track.


After finding a sign with a plane on it, Finally!


So it’s a good timewaster if you have a couple of hours to kill.

MapCrunch – Random Google Street View


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