Shameful Attack on Islam.

Hey People.

I had to attend an exam today as part of my Cisco Networking course. I was up at 0600 in order to get there on time.

I walked down to the bus stop in a place called the Kingstanding circle and was surprised to find hundreds of stickers plastering the area.



These were on a red wheelie bin.



Shop front and traffic lights.



Bus timetables.


And I am ashamed to say the absurdity of this last one made me giggle slightly.


It’s funny how the people behind these stickers attack a whole religion because of a few fucktards. A Muslim friend of mine commented on the extremism and said:

Those people aren’t Muslim… Real Muslims don’t kill people.

And I agree. Generalising an entire people based on the individuals who committed such atrocities is as wrong as those individuals themselves.

As an atheist, I fully support religious freedom and whether you have a God or not, we are all people.

Until next time…


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