Hello People.

As the night falls on this city, I find myself reflecting upon the day. I woke up to my door opening only to hear someone say “Housekeeping, Wrong Room, Sorry.”

After drifting in and out of sleep for the next half hour, I finally lugged my lazy carcass out of bed. Not being a morning person, I wondered to my bag and slipped into some clothing. I wondered down the hallway to get some breakfast and was met with the sight of an Icelander cleaning tables down. We had a brief chat and after asking for advice on what to do, I took a look at the breakfast selection. There wasn’t much that appealed to me so after a couple of glasses of orange juice and some biscuits, I headed out into the city of Reykjavik.

It was dark and the city was deserted. It was mine to explore. My playground. The thing about Reykjavik is that it feels safe to walk around, even in pitch black. After heading through the deserted streets, I ended up lost. I had purposely done this as I wanted to see the parts of Reykjavik that are not on the main streets.

There is a lot of Graffiti here. But it seems to be encouraged to an extent. It isn’t uncommon to see graffiti on the sides of buildings and some of it is very good.

When it hit 1000, many of the shops began to open. Including a local coffee shop chain named “Te & Kaffi”. I nervously approach the rather good looking girl on the counter and she immediately recognised the badge on my hat and addressed me in English. This was a relief as my Icelandic is poor (Not as poor as I will be after this trip.) and my pronunciation is bad.

After a coffee, I trekked to the other side of the city and started the short climb to the Perlan. The Perlan is a restaurant and museum owned by a power company. It stands on a hill in the centre of the small peninsula and offers unmatched views of the city. I bumped into an older English couple and talked for a while before beginning the walk back to central Reykjavik.

After a short trip to the local supermarket (Bonus) to get some deodorant, I took a shower and took a short walk round the harbour.

I must go now. Gonna try for the Aurora Borealis.

Until Next Time…


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