Day Eight: Homeward Bound Pt2

It’s been a few days since I got home and I just realised with absolute shock and horror that I forgot to finish the blog so here it is.

York. This isn’t my photo.

As mentioned previously, the A1(M) was flooded, causing me to take a detour through Middlesbrough and past York which was also flooded. After getting back onto the A1(M), I headed towards Doncaster. My Grandparents used to live in Doncaster so I know the surrounding area quite well. Just before reaching the junction with the M18, I pulled over at a service station because I was quite tired and needed a Coffee. I ended up getting a “Mocha” which is some kind of hot chocolate and coffee hybrid. It was pretty good considering it was done by this small Costa Express machine. I drank up and then after using the toilet (Which by the way had amazingly written literature such as “Kelly Slag” and “I fukd a blak girl ere 07”) set off again. The rest of the journey was quite uneventful although I saw some cute girls in a Volkswagen Beetle. Shortly after, a storm rolled in and  I tucked behind a nearby lorry as the M1 was battered.

My waterproof trousers which had served me very well were beginning to lose their proofing. Small drops of water were getting through. I made a mental note to reapply the proofing. I still need to do that actually. Maybe I’ll make another mental note…


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