Day Eight: Homeward Bound pt1


Today, I just got home. You may have seen the news that many areas of the North have been flooded due to the same storm that kept me aboard the Hrossey. After doing a speed run from Aberdeen to Berwick, I pretty much collapsed into a bed and fell straight to sleep.

The YHA at Berwick is lovely. It’s in the old town granary. (A granary was a place where grain and animal feed was stored. Think of a kitchen cupboard, but on a slightly bigger scale.) The place is very modern.

This is the reception. It doubles as a Cafe.

The view from my window when daylight arrived.

The sitting room of YHA Berwick

It was a very comfortable place and I had a lengthy geeky conversation with a hiker over Apple’s terrible business ethics in the morning. The staff were friendly and gave good advice on local petrol stations and stores and all for only £10. What a deal.

On the trip home, the A1(M) was closed for about ten junctions due to flooding. The City of York also experienced flooding and in several sections of my journey, I had to ride through flooded roads. It appears that the storm followed me and screwed me over more than once. I had to divert towards Middlesbrough and I passed close to the site of ICI Billingham House. Abandoned in 1995, it attracted many Urban Explorers before being scheduled for demolition.

ICI Billingham House. Abandoned 1995.

Although some may consider it an eyesore, I would have liked to explore this building before it was being prepared for demolition. Now I will never know.


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