Day Six: These Northern Skies

Hello again.

I am writing this as I am sat in a small dock in Lerwick. Here’s the situation that I am currently in:

1) I have no money.
2) I have little fuel
3) The only way to get my money is over 200 Miles away.

I have been sat here for a while. It’s quite nice here. 

Clickimin Broch

Basically, a bunch of stuff came off my debit card which I wasn’t expecting. Therefore, My cash has dropped dramatically. The Greenland Guest house which I stayed in had not already been paid for as I thought. Turns out the uses the card number to place a reservation, not pay for it. Anyway, I am hungry and the only food I have are some chicken bites and some bread from Tesco. I can make a sandwich, I suppose.

On the ferry from Kirkwall, I listened to Sigur Ros’ Album called “Valtari” which sent me to sleep extremely quickly. I was woken up to the sound of a rather fat man grumbling about his iPhone. I laughed to myself as I opened up my trusty Desire HD (For those that care, It’s running Cyanogenmod 7.2 at 2Ghz and has a very nice theme to it.)

I used what little fuel I had to head right up to the top of mainland Shetland. There were more Cows than trees. I didn’t see a single Shetland Pony though. I was kind of disappointed. The low fuel meant that I couldn’t see much of the islands. I will come back to Shetland someday and maybe even see the Aurora Borealis.


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