I write this as I sit in the Greenland Guest House in Castletown, near the Town of Thurso. It would seem that the Scots look down on Thurso, just like we look down on Lozells. It is considered to be a rough town. (By that they mean that somebody dropped a coke bottle once.) and to be honest, I can see why. I was roused from my sleep several times by loud gangs of youths looking for an Englishman to hang. I kept my head down, of course.

The Road to Ullapool. 

Dawn in Gairloch

The Road to Ullapool.

Ullapool was hosting a music festival at the time. It was because of this that I was diverted to Gairloch.

Scotland in one photo.

Forests, Mountains, Marshes…

Durness. The top of Scotland.

Kyle of Tongue. 

The journey here was awesome and really showed the diversity of Scotland and what it has to offer. From the towering mountains of the Glen Coe to the low glacial remains of the northern tundra, it really is a country that has something new everywhere you look. Apart from Midges. There are lots of Midges.

Also, I saw several HELLAN COOS! (Highland Cows) and it has to be said, they look pretty badass. I wouldn’t wanna mess with a Hellan Coo. They would impale you on their horns and think nothing of it. They would then trade your lifeless corpse with other Coos creating an E-Coo-nomy.(Just had to slip that in. Sorry.) Anyway, I am due to get the ferry from Scrabster to Stromness, then getting a ferry at 11:30 at night to Lerwick and another Ferry to Aberdeen. In short, I am going to be homeless for the next few days.

Until next time…


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