Day One: The Long Road North

Hello Everyone.

This is the start of my blog that will detail my voyages around Scotland. I left my house at approximately 0900. I packed a lot of stuff so it took me about half an hour to fit it all in my soft luggage. I was a bit nervous. Over the course of the journey here, I attempted to rationalise my nervousness. I have come to the conclusion that I am more afraid of the bike sustaining damage than anything else. I stopped off at work to grab my flask. Not just any ordinary flask. It’s a SUPER LIMITED EDITION POWERADE LONDON 2012 FLASK!!!1one!!1!. Okay… So it’s an ordinary flask. So my awesome co-workers filled up my flask and I walked out into the car park.As I flipped up the stand, I began to wonder if I was doing the right thing. I rode off towards the motorway anyway. I am heading up to the far north after all.

As the rain poured down, So did my progress. I decided to pull over at services at Keele as it seemed like it was time to put on my waterproofs. When I went inside, I saw that there was a KFC there. I also noticed that I had not eaten.So naturally, I brought myself a snackbox. (It was awesome, by the way.). After Finishing, I set off again, Making sure to check out the awesome Triumph Tiger XC that had appeared next to my bike.

For those of you who don’t know, The M6 is an absolute pile of crap until you hit Lancaster after which it significantly improves.By significantly improves, I mean it has more mountains and less retards. So to summarise:

Awesomeness = Road + Mountains – Retards

Anyway, At one point, the M6 goes through this awesome mountain pass. There are waterfalls on both sides and you can see for miles. I pulled over at some service station where they only sold SUPER DOOPER PREMIUM UNLEADED LOLOLOL. Seeing as I was down to a quarter tank, I had little choice but to fill up. So the raping of my wallet began.

As I hit Scotland, I knew I had come too far to turn back. As today has been my longest day, I believe that the rest of the riding should be okay. I have nothing but new adventures and experiences awaiting me. I intend to follow this through to the end. I need to face my fears. As a good friend of mine, Tom Quinton would say “MAN THE FUCK UP!!!”

I am currently sitting in the lounge of a bunkhouse in the town of Peebles. It is a lovely bunkhouse run by some lovely people and I highly recommend to stay here if you are in the area. Dorinda Fontana (The owner) has won many awards for her birds and is always lovely to speak to. Anyway, I am gonna sign off for now. Hopefully I will have a good day tomorrow.


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